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Low Energy Solar Cooling
SOLAR CHILL Evaporative Coolers

Manufacturer of the SOLAR CHILL Evaporative Coolers.

Welcome to the Southwest Solar Home Page. We are an innovative, 22 year old North American company specializing in low energy and solar powered evaporative cooling. We are proud to offer the most energy efficient line of evaporative coolers in the world. Southwest Solar offers a variety of products with applications ranging from cooling your home, office, greenhouse, or vehicle, all with passive solar cooling solutions. All of our products are solar compatible and environmentally friendly and are offered in a variety of voltages including 12, 24, and 48 VDC, also available in 120 and 240VAC.  We even have a new line of products for vehicles and trucks to meet compliance with the new No Idle Laws, through innovative technology and low energy cooling that will put you in compliance with the law and the environment.

Solar Cooling is now available with the invention of the ultra low energy Solar Chilltm & Kar Kooltm evaporative coolers.  Make cooling your lowest electrical load in your home or business by using the ultra low energy Solar Chill Stainless Steel Evaporative Coolers!  Also, evaporative cooling for your car or truck that adds no gas mileage penalty and complies with the new No Idle Laws for trucks is now available with the Kar Kool and Truck Cool Models.  Be good to the environment and comply with the new laws by using our idle free cooling solutions for all your truck cooling needs.  Check out our products page for the compact new cooler, and soon you will be incompliance with these new No Idle laws by using these energy efficient and environmentally friendly coolers! 

Please browse our site to learn more about evaporative cooling, environmentally friendly living, and purchasing one of our products. SOUTHWEST SOLAR is committed to SUSTAINABLE technology that will preserve the Earth for our Children's Children's Children.  Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions; use evaporative cooling solutions!


Our Mission is to become the leading provider of the highest quality evaporative cooling products, customer service, and passive heating/cooling techniques; while being a model business for environmentally conscious and safe business practices and ethics through our use of renewable and sustainable energy sources and green building technology.

For More Information Call Us: 520 885-7925, fax: 520 885 7997

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