Install a Cooling Tower on Your Property

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If you want to fully cool your home with solar power, you should install a solar cooling tower. This option uses even less energy than a swamp cooler. Choose Southwest Solar Inc. when you're looking for a solar cooling solution in Tucson, AZ. Our owner can help you pick the best option for your property. If you want lower energy bills, solar cooling is the right choice to make.

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What to know before installing a cooling tower

Before you get a solar cooling tower, you should:

  • Decide how the feature will complement your architecture
  • Make sure you're in an area with plenty of sunlight
  • Pick an option that fits your property

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Cool Towers are the Lowest energy method to cool a space. It works on the principal of cold air falling and uses gravity to move the air. A small pump is all that is required to wet the pad at the top of the tower. When the pump is controlled with our Digital Programmable pump timer, energies to cool your space can be as low as 25 watts to cool 1500 square feet! These are not only beautiful but work like magic, and are super quiet with no fans necessary, but a fan can be added to boost performance.