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Both of our main cooling products - SOLAR CHILLtm and KAR KOOLtm - use a 6 or 8 inch thick fluted type pad as the wet cooling media, it is the most efficient evaporative cooling media in the world, and it should last for FIVE YEARS, WITH MINIMAL MAINTENANCE! (water quality is a factor) The Solar Chilltm coolers are now built of Stainless Steel (all wet parts), and the Kar Kools are sturdy plastic; neither will rust.

14" XP Solar Chill

Solar Chill Evaporative Cooler
Taking the place of our previous models 1212HP and 1612HP.  This new cooler is also avaliable in 24 and 48 volts, and can cool up to 300 square feet.  This unit uses 38 to 52 watts and can be run direct from a 85 to 130 watt PV panel, although we recommend deep cycle batteries for best performance. The XP in the product number stands for extra performance, this is due to the 8" thick wet pad, more pad media means cooler air!  All of our Solar Chill models now come standard with 8" inch thick pads (Give us a call to upgrade your older Solar Chill Models to XP!)  The 1412XP has dimensions of 19.5" x 21" x 24", pulls between 38 - 52 watts, moves air at 1150 CFM. (cubic feet per minute)

Price: See Specifications page for Prices and specs
Optional 2-Speed Control Package, or Air Diffuser:

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