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Product Catalog

Both of our main cooling products - SOLAR CHILLtm and KAR KOOLtm - use a 6 or 8 inch thick fluted type pad as the wet cooling media, it is the most efficient evaporative cooling media in the world, and it should last for FIVE YEARS, WITH MINIMAL MAINTENANCE! (water quality is a factor) The Solar Chilltm coolers are now built of Stainless Steel (all wet parts), and the Kar Kools are sturdy plastic; neither will rust.

14" XP Solar Chill

Solar Chill Evaporative Cooler

Taking the place of our previous models 1212HP and 1612HP.  This new cooler is also avaliable in 24 and 48 volts, and can cool up to 300 square feet.  This unit uses 38 to 52 watts and can be run direct from a 85 to 130 watt PV panel, although we recommend deep cycle batteries for best performance. The XP in the product number stands for extra performance, this is due to the 8" thick wet pad, more pad media means cooler air!  All of our Solar Chill models now come standard with 8" inch thick pads (Give us a call to upgrade your older Solar Chill Models to XP!)  The 1412XP has dimensions of 19.5" x 21" x 24", pulls between 38 - 52 watts, moves air at 1150 CFM. (cubic feet per minute)

Price: See Specifications page for Prices and specs
Optional 2-Speed Control Package, or Air Diffuser:

Cools up to 500 Sq Ft and uses only 53 to 73 Watts!

Solar Chill Evaporative Cooler

This medium sized evaporative cooler is capable of cooling up to 500 square feet, and uses only 53 - 73 watts of electricty, can be run direct from a 85 to 130 watt PV panel, although we recommend deep cycle batteries for best performance. This Solar Chill cooler now comes standard with 8" pads, but can be purchased with a 6" pad upon request.

Measures: 24.5" x 23" x 23" and has an airflow of 2000 CFM (cubic feet per minute). This Solar Chill unit can come in 12, 24 or 48 volts DC or 120 volts AC  Please note that the 18-120 features our new Belt Drive.

Price: Please See the Specifications page for Prices and specs
Optional 2-Speed Control Package, or Air Diffuser:

Will cool up to 1000 square feet with only 80 to 150 Watts!
24" XP Solar Chill

Stainless Steel Solar Chill Evaporative Cooler

The new SOLAR CHILL 24" XP has replaced the older 30" model.  It has a 24" fan with 30" tall by 8" thick Celdek pads, and will develop higher static pressures than the 30" for a better fit to ductwork. Note that Southwest Solar does not usually recommend ductwork unless it is oversized and short. Call us for design assistance if you are considering ductwork.  This unit will produce 3000 to 4000 CFM and uses 80 to 250 watts depending upon voltage, and can be run direct from a 120 to 300 watt photovoltaic panel (depending upon model), although we recommend deep cycle batteries for best performance.  This unit is avaliable in 12, 24, or 48 volts DC, or 120 and 240 volts AC.  Please note that the following units are BELT DRIVE driven: 48 volts DC, 120 and 240 volts AC.   This unit can be formatted with 6" thick pad, for more air flow.

Price: Please see Specifications page for prices
Optional 2-Speed Control Package, or Air Diffuser:

9000 CFM, ONLY 200-400 WATTS!
42" Solar Chill

Solar Chill Stainless Steel Evaporative Cooler
Solar Chill Cooler 42"

NEW!!The 42" Solar Chill is by far the BIGGEST and BEST.  With an astounding 42 fan blade, this Model can really move some air (9000 CFM)!  This 42 Stainless Steel Solar Chill is available in 12, 24 or 48 volts DC, and 120 or 240 volts AC, and is capable of cooling spaces up to 2250 sq feet!  It uses only 200 to 400 watts of electricity! (Depending upon model and voltage.)  It comes standard with an 8 inch thick Cel-Dek type of wet pad, and can be run direct from a  300 to 500 watt PV array,  although we recommend deep cycle batteries for best performance.  Whether your necessity is for an industrial application, or simply because you have a large home, if you have over 1000 sq feet, this unit is for you!   The dimentions are: 55 inches tall, 60" wide, and 32" deep.

Price: Please see specifications for model prices

Vehicle Cooling Options
Complete Line of VehiCools

We offer a complete line of cooling options for any vehicle or small area. From our sturdy plastic models called the Kar Kools, to our latest invention, the stainless steel TruckCool. Take a look to see which vehicle-cooling option is best for you!

Price: Please see specifications for model prices

Solar Chill
"Double 8" 12 volt


This compact new model is designed specifically to cool the cab of an 18 wheeler with the intention of creating an innovative way to keep cool while staying in compliance with the new No Idle Laws.  Please call for more details. The Double 8-12 (2-812) is similar to the KAR KOOL (see below) but self-contained! The Double 8 is named for its dual cooling fans (with two 8 inch diamater 12 volt fans) and can be installed with its own water reservoir. The unit has a  float  switch which controls an automatic fill system! Originally designed for 18-wheelers to provide cooling to drivers while parked to accommodate the new "NO IDLE LAW".  The new Double-8 can also be used in other applications, including pick-up trucks, RVs, campers, small rooms or new additions and much much more!  Please contact us for more information of idle free cooling solutions with no gas mileage penalities. 

Price: Please see specifications for model prices

Lid design may vary slightly
12 Volt Tri-Kool: 300 CFM Only 30 Watts!

Kar Kool
Kar Kool 312 NOW with 2 Speed Switch

THE LOWEST ENERGY COOLER IN THE WORLD! NOW EVAPORATIVE COOLING FOR YOUR CAR, TRUCK, OR RV, for a fraction of the cost of refrigeration! Low energy, just 2.5 amps at 12 volts for the TRI-COOL!  The 312 model now comes standard with two speeds. Uses CelDektm, which is the most efficient evaporative cooling media on the planet! KAR KOOLtm will cool hot dry air as much as 25 DEGREES!

Dimensions: 17" wide, 11.5" tall, 14" deep

  • Very energy efficient: ONLY 2.5 AMPS on higher (30 Watts)!

  • Two Speeds Now Standard

  • Many other uses: Home Humidifier, Spot Cooling, Camping

  • Rust Resistant

  • Will Not Affect Gas Milage!

  • Use in your home with a 120 Volt Adapter

Price: Please See the specifications page for price

New Digital Control Package

Control Package (Now with speed control)

Now cooling your home couldn't be easier with the use of one of our control packages.  This wall mounted control box contains a thermostat, a two speed (HI/LOW)fan switch, a pump switch, and a timer for the cleanout pump.  Set the thermostat and go to sleep without worrying about wasting energy or getting too cold.  Run just the fan at night to conserve energy and water or just the pump for a few minutes to get the pad wet before firing up the cooler.  The cleanout timer runs a pump that will flush out all the water and harmful minerals from your cooler for five minutes which extends the life of the pump, pads, and cooler box.  This is a great add-on to any home cooling system and comes highly recommended by your cooling specialist. Avaliable in all voltages, see price list and specifications for more details.

  • Southwest Solar is introducing a new pump controller for our Solar Chill evaporative coolers. Were offering a new programmable digital pump controller to replace the fixed time cycle timer board that weve used for the last 10 years. There are three main reasons for not running the pump 100% of the time:

  • 1. When the pump goes off, the output air becomes colder.

  • 2. Pumps last longer when pump run time is reduced.

  • 3. Running the pump less saves energy.

  • 4. Your cooler will quieter in general, since it will be off most of the time.

Price: Please see specifications for prices on this item

Air Diffusers

This adjustable louver air diffuser is for installation with all the Solar Chill models. Air diffusers are mounted in the house/building and not only provide protection from getting in the fan but helps to move the air to desired locations of the house/building with the horizontal and vertical adjustable louvers.

Price: Click Prices & Specifications Tab

Solar Chill Pump Control Board

Pump Control Timer Board

One of our newest and best innovations ever, this pump control timer board is an electronic circuit board mounted to the back of the electrical cover plate.  This board can be added to any of our 12, 24 or 48 volt coolers as an upgrade and is now installed standard on all new coolers in all voltages!

What does it do?  The pump board has 2 main functions:  to lower the output air temperature, and to increase the efficiency of the cooler by decreasing the amount of energy used, and increasing the life of the pump by decreasing the duty cycle.

The pump board has a built in timer that turns the pump on for two minutes and off for three.  How does this decrease the temperature of the cooler output air?  Since there is not a steady flow of water passing over the pad at all times the water held in the pad has a chance to get colder than it would if it was flowing over the pad consistantly.  With evaporative cooling as the pad gets colder the output air also gets colder.  The pump board also lowers the amount of energy used since the pump is "on" for less than half the time, and it will as extend the life of the pump.

Price: Please see specifications for the price of this item


Photovoltaic Solar Electric Panels
PV Panels

Produce Electricity Directly From Sunshine 12 V Nominal Direct Current, from .5 to 7 Amps per Panel. 5 to 120 Watt Sizes Availble.

  • Tempered Glass

  • Single Chystal Silicon

  • 10 to 20 Year Warranties Available!

  • Get Your Electricty From The Sun!

Price: CALL for QUOTES

212-312KK Power Supply 4.2A

This handy accessory is a power souce that converts 115 volt AC to 12 volt DC which enables Kar Kool owners to run the product outside of the vehicle.  With this product you get the convienence of spot cooling anywhere in your home or office!  Due to an efficient size and longer cord we have given spot cooling a new meaning, its as easy as plug and play.

Price: Please see specifications for the price of this item

Up to 350 Degrees!

Solar Equipment
Sun Oven

Bake, Boil, or Steam with the SUN!  This great solar oven can cook a hugh amount of food on a clear day, and is light weight and portable.  The mirrors have a unique rapid folding feature for storage or travel.  Great for the back yard and camping.  Take the heat of your kitchen this summer with this Sun Oven.

Price: Now only $269 + $30 Shipping* in 48 states

Our New Solar Oven
Stainless Steel Solar Oven

Large Stainless Steel Solar Oven

Price: Introductory Price: $847.00

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