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A solar evaporative cooler is a perfect air conditioning option for homes in warm, dry climates. By adding water to the air, your solar-powered swamp cooler can send cool air throughout your house. Choose Southwest Solar Inc. in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ when you need an energy-efficient cooling system. You don't have to worry about needing constant access to solar rays, because these systems can also run on batteries.

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3 benefits of swamp coolers

3 benefits of swamp coolers

A solar-powered swamp cooler is a great alternative to a standard AC unit, because:

  1. It will run more quietly
  2. It won't use as much energy
  3. It's better for the environment

If you're interested in purchasing a solar evaporative cooler but you don't live in Arizona, we can ship our devices to you. Call us today at 520-885-7925 if this sounds like the right cooling choice for you.